External Signal Processing on the Korg MS-20 Mini

Before I got myself a Korg MS20 Mini, I really wanted to know more about the External Signal Processor (ESP) and how good it was at converting pitch from an instrument or voice into control voltage to power the synth. I was really pleased with how well it works and it required almost not tweaking to get there. Here’s a quick video showing how to do the simple patch:

– Guitar/mic/whatever else into the ESP ‘signal in’
– ESP CV Out into VCO 1+2 CV In
– ESP Trig Out into VCO 1+2 Trig In

and to get the guitar signal there as well:

– ESP Out (before or after the band pass filter) into EXT Signal In at the top

On this video I had the ESP Signal Level up full and the Threshold Level nearly full too.

Spending time tweaking the Low Cut and High Cut on the ESP would get this working even better.

Sorry for the bad camera angles!