Musical Director

Some of my roles as a musical director have included arranging and scoring for brass, strings and woodwind, editing and arranging songs to specific lengths for live TV and radio, creating Ableton sessions including click tracks and playback track, software synths and midi automation, programming synthesizer sounds for live and record and putting whole bands together.

I have a thorough understanding of MIDI and can help you use it to automate various aspects of your show so it runs seamlessly – with the right programming and hardware just one push of a button can change your guitarist’s pedals and presets, your synth players patches, your backing track and clicks, your drummer’s SPD etc to the next song in the set list. This can hugely enrich a live show.

I also know a vast number of fantastic musicians in the UK and beyond and can put together the right band to deliver your music.

Get in touch if you need a musical director.